South Florida Science Museum To Open ‘Treasure!’ Exhibit

Pan for gold at the ‘Treasure!’ exhibit at the South Florida Science Museum.

Pirates, treasure hunters and those feeling lucky can go on a treasure hunt at the South Florida Science Museum.

Whether it’s from a sunken ship or buried underground, guests can learn about and search for treasure at the museum’s newest traveling exhibit, Treasure!, which opens Sept. 28 and runs through Jan. 6, 2013.

Ever wondered what’s below you while swimming in the ocean, or whether you are walking across a gold mine? Treasure hunters have gone deep below the ocean surface, dug down into the ground — even searched through grandma’s attic — to find gold, silver, 19th-century shipwreck artifacts and more.

Museum-goers can try their hand at a metal detector or a remote-operated vehicle, or learn how to crack open a safe, pan for gold and search with a map and a compass. They also are invited to see what their weight is worth in gold by stepping on a special scale for the current market value.

“Treasure is exciting, and the thought of discovering it is even more exciting,” said Lew Crampton, CEO of the museum. “We hear about gold coins and other sunken treasure discovered right off our coast. Now, folks can have the chance to be their own treasure hunters and discover where X marks the spot at the science museum.”

Photos courtesy of NRG! Exhibits


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