Mock Movie Night Coming to Palm Beach Gardens in July


At 7 p.m. Aug. 3, swede fest palm beach and the Digital Domain Institute will pair up to recognize the most original remakes at the first amateur film festival.

Taking place at the dining and shopping destination Mainstreet at Midtown, swede fest palm beach will debut in the Borland Center of Performing Arts. Tickets are $5.

What’s a swede? A swede is a no-budget, laughably bad remake of a Hollywood film. The term comes from the 2008 comedy, Be Kind Rewind, which started an underground sweding craze and resulted in the first swede fest in Fresno, Calif. Next came swede fest tampa bay, and now Midtown is rolling out swede fest palm beach.

Entries are open, and targeted to all students, film buffs, creative types, film lovers and professionals — or anyone with any type of camera. It is free to enter, and entries must be submitted by July 20.

The festival embraces the highly amateur nature of sweding while supporting creativity within the community.

Raising Arizona (sweded) by Heather McLane & James McLane

Vibrant Film-Making Community in Palm Beach

“We have a vibrant film-making community here, and we wanted to tap into that creative group and bring them to Midtown,” said Belle Forino, marketing coordinator for Mainstreet at Midtown. “Obviously, we’re ecstatic to have the Digital Domains Institute involved.”

There are a few rules for the entries. Films must be less than three minutes and PG-13, even if the source material is not. That means finding creative ways to get around violence, objectionable language and nudity. Guidelines are on the swede fest palm beach Web site,, along with example swedes The Breakfast Club, Wayne’s World and Se7en. The audience is encouraged to dress in their finest berets, cravats, safari vests or other directorial clichés.


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